The Marketing You Need To Grow Your Business 

Goal Review & Strategy Development

Develop a marketing strategy that aligns with the achievable business goals

Local Website Jumpstart

Make sure that your website is listed in local directories and that you can be found in local searches

Build Trust

Make sure that when your company is found, you have many positive reviews

Secure Leads

Old Method

1. Generate Traffic & Leads

2. Personal Lead Follow-Up 

New Method

1. Develop a “lead magnet”  (Freebie that leaves them wanting more)

2. Develop a “tripwire”  (A low-cost, relatively painless offer)

3. Generate traffic to “lead magnet” 

4. Collect Email Addresses for “lead magnet”

5. Email Sequence Promoting the “tripwire”

6. Sell the “tripwire”

7. Over-deliver and gain their business

Email Marketing

Deliver value in each email and build the relationship

Social Media Promotion

Make sure that you are constantly top of mind


Generate site traffic & additional lead magnet traffic


Get Found

Generate site traffic from search engines

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