Should You Gate Your Content?

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Should you gate (require name/email/phone to access) your content?

My comments were featured in an article on the topic:

Gate bottom-of-funnel content

“I believe content at the top and middle of the funnel should not be gated. Only content in the bottom of the funnel should be gated. I don’t give up my contact information for small things. I need value in exchange for my email address. If I am still doing research, I usually prefer to stay anonymous until I narrow down my options.

“Providing ungated content allows the prospect to stay anonymous, which is precisely what they want, otherwise they would have directly contacted you. It also keeps the prospect on your site consuming your content, allowing you to further influence their buyer’s journey.

“However, towards the bottom of the funnel, when your product or service is being considered, you want to get them to gated content so you can follow-up with them directly and gently guide them through the rest of the sales process.” –Joe McMullen

Read everyone’s opinion here:

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