Services & Packages

I only focus on the marketing that you need. I only ever suggest services that you need to grow your business.

I specialize in Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and improving your Google My Business (GMB) ranking for Local Coin Shops.

GMB Optimization

Covering the basics
Starting at $1,000
  • Claim & Verify GMB
  • Category Selection
  • Product & Services
  • 10 Pictures
  • 10 Common Questions & Answers
  • 5 Consecutive Daily Posts with Picture
  • 2 Short Logo Animation Videos
  • Bing Places Listing

GMB Management

Accelerating Growth
Starting at $1,000 for Optimization
then $500/month for management
(discounts for multiple month agreements)
  • Initial GMB Optimization Package PLUS
  • 20-25 Daily Posts with Picture per month
  • 2 Short Videos per month
  • 10 Addition Q&A's per month
  • 10 Additional Photos per month with Logo
  • 2 hours of consulting
  • Monthly Sync with Bing Places

Full Local SEO

Next-Level Growth
Contact for Pricing:
Dependent on Actual Service Required
  • GMB Optimization Package PLUS
  • GMB Management Package PLUS
  • On-Page Website SEO
  • Backlink Building
  • "Lead Magnet" & "Trip Wire" Development
  • 2 hours of consulting per month

Additional Services

  • Marketing Strategy Development: We can help you develop the strategy you need to grow your business.
  • Copywriting: We can help enhance your copy (website, email, content) to be more persuasive and sell more!
  • Website Traffic Generation: We can help drive traffic to your website using proven methods that will promote your company.
  • Content Creation: We can help you create lead magnets, brochures, collateral, and web content that is positioned to your buyers and that will help your search rankings.
  • LinkedIn or Facebook Profile Page Optimization: We can improve your professional images on your LinkedIn or Facebook profiles.
  • Social Media Management: We will elevate your Social Media presence.
  • Public Relations: We can help you generate press releases and work with you to get them distributed.
  • Graphic Design: We partner with a graphic designer that can help you generate superior graphics, logos, and other content.
  • Video Production: We partner with someone that can help you generate superior videos for your company.
  • Video Voiceover: We partner with someone who provides excellent voiceovers for your videos.
  • Lead Generation:  We can help with lead generation on LinkedIn or Facebook

Additional services can be done at an hourly rate or on a project basis.